The People’s Market & Flea

14 Apr 2012

The best thing to happen to Melbourne since the soft shell taco.

I’ll put it straight. I’ve not been a big fan of the Docklands in Melbourne. It new, bare and lacks the cultural essence of Melbourne. The only reason I ever had to visit its baron wasteland, was to visit my best friend (who, for ambiguous reasons rents an apartment there). But then little over a month ago, right next door, popped up a very Melbourne thing; The People’s Market & Flea. The biggest (and only metropolitan) flea market to hit Melbourne made from refurbished shipping containers.

Open every Saturday from 10:00am – late, 200+ local Melburnians will be selling vintage clothing, quirky items and one-of-a kind (or just plain) junk. Pretty much anything sellable will be selling. Culinary delights are also available from the multitude of eateries selling out of custom  shipping containers, including the infamous ‘The League of Honest Coffee’. And starting tonight (Saturday 14th April) local live bands will be playing every week from sunset.

In the past, I would never have recommend the Docklands as a ‘must-see’ destination of Melbourne, but dammit, I think I may have just gone over to the dark side. And so, I have to say to my dear friend – although I still can’t comprehend your choice of suburb to live in, I am now very envious that you are neighbours with The People’s Market & Flea and one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne.

For more information about The People’s Market & Flea, visit:


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  1. tunimaal @ Japan blog of a Gaijin May 2, 2012 at 12:28 am - Reply

    Oh I missed it when I was in Melbourne. I really like flea markets and this one seems to be pretty nice :)

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