The City of Craters, Lakes, Caves and Sinkholes

25 Feb 2012

Heading down south across the Great Ocean Road, you’ll pass many spectacular sights and coastal wonders (and many tourists). But if you keep going, just over the South Australian border you’ll arrive at Mount Gambier – home to craters, lakes, sinkholes and a vast system of underground caves.

Kilsby's Sinkhole, Mt Gambier (Photographed by Richard Harris)

The beautiful and fascinating flooded cave systems are accessed via sinkholes in remote farmland paddocks (of which themselves are vastly beautiful). Diving is by permit and certification only and unfortunately no guided tours or trips are available. But that doesn’t stop locals and visitors from jumping in and having a swim. And this, I highly recommend doing. The best place to stop is Little Blue Lake, 12km southwest of Mt Gambier near the corner of Mount Salt Rd and Stock Route Road North. The water is cool and if you’re lucky, you’ll be the only ones there. Jumping off the cliffs is discouraged with signs erected by the city council, however, with a depth over 40 metres down, you don’t have to worry about rocks.

Little Blue Lake Sinkhole (Photographed by Kate Eccarius)

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    I’m a professional’s backflipper !! Nice pict Kate.

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