4 Tips that Will Make You a Better Camper

Do you fancy camping as travel activity? Truth is, many people find it difficult to try out camping as an activity during a tour of a holiday destination. Most people freak at the thought of staying out in a tent in the cold and the possibility of developing health complications in the process.

However, when done in a planned and well thought out manner, camping can be as good an experience as any other during a travel tour. Below are simple tips on how this could be achieved:

Understand Your Camping Location

You do not want to wake up and find yourself in a camping location without prior knowledge of the area. A good camping experience is accompanied by an in depth understanding of the location. If in a tropical forest for instance, campers would need to understand which parts of the area they can go to, or they are prohibited from visiting at different periods in a day.

Also, understanding a campsite is useful in planning which areas to erect the tents and which areas to light bonfires, which places to go to for physical activities among other key considerations.

Do not be a Lone Ranger!

During camping, it is highly recommended that one should always be in close proximity with the rest of the team. Situations where one will be found on their own are highly discouraged. This is important because in the course of a camping outing, one may find themselves in situations of distress that might require instant assistance from the rest of the group,

Be in a location where you can easily be reached and avoid going to prohibited areas.

Pack Adequately

It is important that during a camping experience, enough packing is done. This includes the clothing (for different weather conditions), enough body gear in terms of boots, eye-wear, headgear, tools and camping apparatus among other vital stuff.

This is usually largely dependent on the duration of the camping period. It is therefore imperative that this is factored in planning so that there is enough packed that will last at least one more day after the camping expedition.

Master Your Activities

During a camp, it is important that there is clarity in terms of the different activities to be engaged in during that period. This can be broken down in terms of the different times of the day; the activities to be conducted during the day, and those to be done during the night, if any.

Even the physical activities should be carefully planned so that participants are clearly informed of what is involved and that there is adequate preparation should a misfortune strike in the process.

Image source: northernontario.travel