Holiday Resort or Travel Camp? What You Need to Know

Sometimes, travel enthusiasts are confronted with a hard to make choice between going to a holiday resort or picking on camping – or makingĀ a trip to Dubai and doing something extravagant, like hiring a luxury car. While the distinction between the two is not always clear cut, there are those who would prefer one over the other. This brief post does give a small distinction between the two which one may find useful in deciding which way to go when met with such a scenario.

Holiday Resort

Holiday resorts provide packages for travel enthusiasts that fit their budget and preference. Often times, they provide more than just a stay away from home experience. From sports and recreational activities to bonding, sessions, wildlife watching to entertainment, a typical holiday resort always has a hybrid mix of all these. This is in addition to provision of meals and buffets that ensure that the stomach is adequately fed throughout the period of stay.

The choice of a holiday resort over a camping experience can be due to a number of factors. If for instance a young family with an infant would like to go on travel, then obviously a holiday resort would take precedence over a travel camp.

Travel Camp

Travel camps are good for those people who are passionate about nature and outdoor experiences. Sometimes the choice for this mode of travel can be informed by the age bracket of those involved. Obviously, where the elderly are involves, this may not be a good choice.

However, where participants are millennial or the middle aged at most, then this would be a good stay away from home experience.

The kind of activities that may be involved and even arrangements or meals may not be a perfect welcome for people in certain age brackets. For others, a Ferrari hire in Dubai might be the best luxury car rental experience they could make.

In conclusion, a holiday resort has its strengths that distinguish it from a travel camp. Likewise for a travel camp. It is therefore almost impossible to side with one over the other. Needless to add, there are some people who are okay with a blend of the two.

They might decide to make special arrangements with a Resort so that activities that identify with a travel camp are incorporated into their stay. Follow this link for examples of World class Holiday Resorts and Travel Camps in the Bahamas (edit: removed, link doesn’t exist anymore).