Nancy Simmons is a travel junkie and passionate Safari enthusiast based in the city of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States. She has traveled the world and toured most of the famous tourist attractions around the globe. Through this personal page, she seeks to share travel experiences with fellow travelers and offer insights and personal opinion about the best travel practices that will make your own experience one to remember.

Whether you are out on a personal holiday, a wedding honeymoon, a weekend getaway or just a brief tour of an exotic resort in the Caribbean, this blog offers you a guide and not only provide tips on making it a memorable experience but also point you to the direction some of the most affordable places you may not have known or heard of.

This blog demystifies the notion that travel is for a select few and unravels the real truth behind the possibility of how anyone, regardless of their social status can go on a leisure tour of their dream, in a location of their dream and spend way less than they would ever fathom.