Month: June 2018

Holiday Resort or Travel Camp? What You Need to Know

Sometimes, travel enthusiasts are confronted with a hard to make choice between going to a holiday resort or picking on camping – or making a trip to Dubai and doing something extravagant, like hiring a luxury car. While the distinction between the two is not always clear cut, there are those who would prefer one over the other. This brief post does give a small distinction between the two which one may find useful in deciding which way to go when met with such a scenario.

Holiday Resort

Holiday resorts provide packages for travel enthusiasts that fit their budget and preference. Often times, they provide more than just a stay away from home experience. From sports and recreational activities to bonding, sessions, wildlife watching to entertainment, a typical holiday resort always has a hybrid mix of all these. This is in addition to provision of meals and buffets that ensure that the stomach is adequately fed throughout the period of stay.

The choice of a holiday resort over a camping experience can be due to a number of factors. If for instance a young family with an infant would like to go on travel, then obviously a holiday resort would take precedence over a travel camp.

Travel Camp

Travel camps are good for those people who are passionate about nature and outdoor experiences. Sometimes the choice for this mode of travel can be informed by the age bracket of those involved. Obviously, where the elderly are involves, this may not be a good choice.

However, where participants are millennial or the middle aged at most, then this would be a good stay away from home experience.

The kind of activities that may be involved and even arrangements or meals may not be a perfect welcome for people in certain age brackets. For others, a Ferrari hire in Dubai might be the best luxury car rental experience they could make.

In conclusion, a holiday resort has its strengths that distinguish it from a travel camp. Likewise for a travel camp. It is therefore almost impossible to side with one over the other. Needless to add, there are some people who are okay with a blend of the two.

They might decide to make special arrangements with a Resort so that activities that identify with a travel camp are incorporated into their stay. Follow this link for examples of World class Holiday Resorts and Travel Camps in the Bahamas (edit: removed, link doesn’t exist anymore).

4 Tips that Will Make You a Better Camper

Do you fancy camping as travel activity? Truth is, many people find it difficult to try out camping as an activity during a tour of a holiday destination. Most people freak at the thought of staying out in a tent in the cold and the possibility of developing health complications in the process.

However, when done in a planned and well thought out manner, camping can be as good an experience as any other during a travel tour. Below are simple tips on how this could be achieved:

Understand Your Camping Location

You do not want to wake up and find yourself in a camping location without prior knowledge of the area. A good camping experience is accompanied by an in depth understanding of the location. If in a tropical forest for instance, campers would need to understand which parts of the area they can go to, or they are prohibited from visiting at different periods in a day.

Also, understanding a campsite is useful in planning which areas to erect the tents and which areas to light bonfires, which places to go to for physical activities among other key considerations.

Do not be a Lone Ranger!

During camping, it is highly recommended that one should always be in close proximity with the rest of the team. Situations where one will be found on their own are highly discouraged. This is important because in the course of a camping outing, one may find themselves in situations of distress that might require instant assistance from the rest of the group,

Be in a location where you can easily be reached and avoid going to prohibited areas.

Pack Adequately

It is important that during a camping experience, enough packing is done. This includes the clothing (for different weather conditions), enough body gear in terms of boots, eye-wear, headgear, tools and camping apparatus among other vital stuff.

This is usually largely dependent on the duration of the camping period. It is therefore imperative that this is factored in planning so that there is enough packed that will last at least one more day after the camping expedition.

Master Your Activities

During a camp, it is important that there is clarity in terms of the different activities to be engaged in during that period. This can be broken down in terms of the different times of the day; the activities to be conducted during the day, and those to be done during the night, if any.

Even the physical activities should be carefully planned so that participants are clearly informed of what is involved and that there is adequate preparation should a misfortune strike in the process.

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5 Things to Avoid During Summer Travel

While on Summer Travel, it is important that the traveler puts some basic strategies in place to enable them not only have a wonderful experience worth reliving but keep them safe so that they are able to share the events with friends and family. Here is a look at things to avoid during this period.

Being Too Trusting

While on Summer Travel, one is prone to meeting different people from different parts of the world who are out to have their fair share of the fun. While this is a great opportunity to socialize and make friends or even meet your elusive soul-mate, it should be approached with lots of caution.

You do not want a situation where you trust a stranger so much as this could sometimes be to your detriment.


Summer times are naturally exciting. They bring a lot of fun to look up to with themselves. If caution is not exercised, one could find themselves overexcited about the whole thing which could lead them into engaging in activities that could be harmful to them. A good example is going on a game watching session without the valuable guide of a professional.

Unnecessary Curiosity

They say Curiosity killed the Cat. How true! Sometimes, Summer Travelers are faced with a variety of choices to make about very many things and even a package they may be offered during this period. It is important that whatever happens, one is able to operate within the limits of what is deemed normal.

A little going into what may be overboard opens doors to unnecessary eventualities some of which would be dangerous or even life threatening.

Taking Matters Into Own Hands

Ask! Ask! Ask! Never should at any point, a Summer Traveler act like they know it all. Whenever faced with a situation which might not be clear while on holiday, it is very important that one asks the relevant questions. It doesn’t cost much but it saves you a lot of trouble.

3 Truths about Holidays that Every Traveler Should Know

A holiday expedition is a great opportunity to take leave from the daily activities that shape our lives. In preparation for a dream holiday, there are some obvious ideas that one has to put at the back of their mind in order to get the best out of it.

Here are some truths about holiday that one should know before packing that bag and leaving home for the holiday;

Holidays Travels are Opportunities to Unwind

Holidays are essentially an opportunity to refresh your mind and relax your inner spirit. If possible forget all the bigger issues of life that might consume your mind and release yourself into a world of infinite possibilities in terms of relaxation.

I have seen people even carry their laptops so that they can work while on holiday. Unless it is extremely important, dedicate the holiday to just you and your mind, engage in a physical fitness activity, meet new people, and visit new places. That way, your soul will feel relaxed and you will be able to have a fresh outlook towards life at the end of it all. The key is to remember that it is your “me time” so it is best to make the most out of it.

There is Life after a Holiday Trip

Some people get caught in the moment during a holiday and they may be tempted to assume that it is going to be holiday mode infinitely. Some find themselves indulging a little too much to the extent that they may forget themselves in the process. It is important to ensure that whatever you do, exercise a bit of moderation so that at the end of it all, you will always be happy that you planned for it.

Regulate even the expenditure so that when you are done, you will not have pending bills or you will not go hungry having spent your last dime on holiday.

Even when it comes to participating in say, recreational activities, care should be taken so that ultimately the goal of keeping fit is realized. You do not want to injure yourself by engaging in a dangerous sport out of excitement that comes with a cheap thrill. There is life after that holiday. Get back home better than you left, not worse.

Make it Memorable

This might vary from one person to the other. What might be memorable for someone might not be the same for the other person. When you plan for a holiday trip, you might want to have a clear picture of how everything will turn out eventually from start to finish. That way, you are clear on what to expect as rated against what you may be required to do.

A memorable experience is one which you might want to relive. Look at your inner self and identify activities or places that excite you, then look around for destinations that offer those.